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All about car audio everyone must know

Because the article is quite long, I would like to summarize the content for the following facilities:
If you are a lover of sound, then the common car models in Vietnam such as Santafe, CR-V, Everest, Ford Ranger, Innova, Altis, Camry, Fortuner, CX5, … will not be able to meet. With Home, we have quiet space and sit between the speakers to enjoy. Speakers in the Home device are listed at a height so that the mid and treble strips fit into the listener’s ear. The sound then reaches the ears at the same time. Home audio, home audio has developed for a long time and has now reached the «realm» threshold.
Car space is different, affected by many force majeure such as noise, vibration, shaking, electrical noise … The position of the person is spread evenly in the vehicle space so the distance from the speakers to the ears is different, causing sound phenomenon to the listener’s ear uneven … In addition, the speaker is usually lower than the listener’s ear. These disadvantages affect sound quality.
The technology of car audio is still being developed by Audio researchers in order to overcome the limitations and gradually close the distance from home sounds. Ie the trend of Car audio is closer and closer to Home! That means the sound Car wants is good thanks to technology.
Before you plan to upgrade the car’s sound, you must have a basic knowledge of it, that is, you must at least know the concept of the frequency bands, the type of music you like and often listen … To anyone who has used it Home audio or movies will better understand the purpose, direction of car audio upgrades. There are instruments who have never had any concept or knowledge of sound but also consult, chill or some consulting traders with the main goal of «selling» … The popular music genres on 4b:
— Golden music, lyrical (slow) : Requires the detail of the bands, especially the good mid to sing the singer, bass does not need large power but must be soft and deep (slow to be able to achieve) . Bass like this if you play dance music will be weak.
— Young music, dance (fast): requires strong bass, tight to meet the drumming. Sound does not need to be too detailed. Therefore, the bass does not need to be soft and deep (upside down because with the device creating a heavy bass, it will be hard to go down).
— Instrumental music: it requires detailed instrumental sounds and is mostly in the middle and high range.
When you have the intention to upgrade the sound, it is necessary to specify the name of the car of the same life, good music, money, desired capacity. Like Home, no sound set, even high-end, can listen or any type of music. Don’t require lyrical sound sets to play dance music or vice versa.
And the other thing is that if I buy the service I should see or be able to (many listeners will have many different ideas, including completely opposite), the best criteria for money. A good, bad concept is just completely abstract. It depends on many factors and perceptions of each person. My opinion is 3 separate strips, clear, not confused, distorted is ok then guys.


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