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8 tips to help your sexy girlfriend still elegant

Wearing a backless shirt so that the momentum and sexy is still delicate is quite a problem for many women. By applying a few tips on how to choose a shirt or wear later, things will be much simpler.
Converging all the beauty from femininity, momentum to sexy, cool personality, trendy, backless shirt is always one of the items that make women «fall in love». Although the style of open clothes, but not «show» but if you want to wear beautiful open back but still delicate, at least have to grasp the following tips.
Wearing a backless bra and wearing a bra is probably the hardest task of women when they intend to buy this item. With the feature to show off your full back, ordinary bra will not help you wear nice or elegant in this case. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention.
Transparent bra straps : Usually only suitable for backless dresses not too much and too deep. With open-knit tops, 2-string tops or overalls, this is not a good choice.
Wireless bra shoulder, transparent belt: You can wear this type of bra with the shirt open back deep but with the characteristics of no shoulder straps, the case with large chest size should consider and choose carefully kidney.
Flexible bra straps: With a design that can be customized to your liking, these bra can help you feel comfortable in an open outfit, including a backless bra, without worrying about it. But should pay attention to choose a good bra to avoid loose wires after a few times of use. Also, remember to consider the style and material of the open-back shirt that you intend to wear because the adjustable bra can leave quite obvious marks, even revealing through the outfit if not careful.
Bra stickers: Bra stickers are considered as one of the pretty good options for the backless shirt because they fit many chest sizes, have a variety of designs (material, style …), easy to combine and not. cause interference. However, consider the use time (most types of bra will not guarantee the lift, keep too long) and the problem of sweating when you intend to use them. In addition, choosing a suitable and natural bra can sometimes be quite difficult.
Low- back bra : Low-back bra allows you to comfortably wear an open-back shirt without worrying about the back or revealing the back strap. They are also a sure choice, good support and suitable for most people or shirts. However, remember to choose a bra that has the right size so it will not be wrinkled under the tight-fitting or thin-type shirt.
Breast patches: If you want to wear an open-top shirt without any obstructions, be confident with your breasts or just seek protection, then try a nipple patch. This is the item that has the ability to «weigh well» all kinds of open clothes.


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