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Simple Is The Ultimate Sophistical

Let’s refer to the ways to transform with an old chair into unique and economical items to decorate the house more beautiful.
1. Making photo frames
The chairs are old, termite or no longer fit the room anymore, do not leave yet. Turn them into cute picture frames by removing the foot of the chair and the seat, keeping only the backrest. After smoothing with sandpaper and spraying the room with the paint on the whole frame, you can simply insert the image inside. So you have immediately a large frame of classic style is very beautiful but economical.
2. Unique bookshelves
The upholstered chair is old, exploded, or flat, no longer comfortable, turn it into a unique 1 — 0 — 2 bookshelf . Remove the padding on the backrest and back of the seat, remove the nails and pins, clean and smooth the wood, then load the books so you have a unique and economical book storage chair. The book chair will also become a decoration for your room.
3. Planting tanks
With a few simple steps, the old armchair will become a beautiful decoration in your garden. What you need to do is remove the back of the seat and the backrest, keeping only the skeleton. Then, stretch a small trellis made of iron / steel material on the backrest and seat, use nails to fix it, then pour the soil and transplant the grass roots. Shortly after, when the grass spreads out, you had a nice decorative lawn chair as shown.
4. Bathroom accessories hanging
You just need to remove the foot of the chair and remove the bottom of the chair and then paint the paint to suit the bathroom. Finally, use screws to fix the wall so that the back of the backrest faces in as if you had a convenient storage rack, saving space and saving money at the same time.
5. Mobile storage rack
To make old chairs become flexible hangers like this, remove the front legs and the seat, then use screws to fix S-shaped hangers to the bar of the chair as Figure. To ensure uniformity between the hooks, you should use a pencil to mark the distance before closing.
6. Swing seat
The swing made from a broken chair is definitely not a bad idea. You only need to remove all the legs of the chair, then drill 4 holes into the seat and seat to thread the rope as shown, then hang it on a cool and firm branches. The swing from the old chair will be a place to relax and make your kids love it.
7. The mini glass table
The small mirror table from the old square chair will be an interesting idea for homeowners who prefer simple rustic style. First, cut out the seat, only retain the border and frame. After that, cut the glass to fit the heart of the seat, insert it as if you had a small mirror table to drink tea or display familiar and meaningful objects.
8. Towel rack
Take advantage of the chairs with ladder backrest to make simple hanging racks. Remove all the seats and legs, only retain the backrest, then you use double braided rope tied to both ends of the backrest as shown. Finally, nail a nail on the wall and hang up and you have a simple towel rack. The price is also a decoration to help your room become more impressive.
9. Potty for babies
You can turn the old chair into a baby potty or unique pet food storage. You only need to cut the heart of a round chair to fit the bottom and the potty body, about 2 to 3cm smaller than the potty mouth. Put the potty on and you simply and quickly add new functionality to your old chair.


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