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Arrange Sofa In Your Home

In the design of living room furniture , sofa selection has become increasingly popular, so how to arrange the sofa becomes important. There are many different ways to set up a living room sofa, which are commonly used below that you can apply.
1. Interior design living room arranged sofa opposite the TV shelf
Sofa with corner sofa styles, sofa placed opposite the TV shelf, balanced arrangement between rooms. Sofa can be based on the wall or not but television shelves are often based on the wall from which to face each other. Modern living rooms today often use this method, especially with interior design for small houses often use 1-2 simple sofas.
2. Design a living room with a sofa next to the TV shelf
The TV shelf is wall-mounted and the sofa is on the right or left side of the shelf when the width of the space is narrow. Interior design of small apartments or townhouses often apply this method to save more travel space. Most sofa use is a corner sofa or a sofa with modern fabric sofa .
3. Symmetrical sofa arrangement
If themodern living room designwith a large area, you can choose 2-3 sofas and symmetrical arrangement. This sofa style design is a sofa sofa. The symmetry of the two symmetrical sofas will distinguish the better, more balanced position for the space
4. Semicircle
sofa Set the semicircular sofa as the center of the tea table, the sofa will arrange in a semicircle around and towards the TV shelf opposite the big sofa in the middle. This sofa folding is used to design modern living room furniture , a large area.
5. Circle sofa
In this case, the number of high-end sofas used will be more and there is a main sofa and small extra sofas arranged in a circle around the tea table. From there for more sofa use area, suitable forlargefamily interior design, creating a feeling of gathering.
6. Rectangular
sofa arrangement The rectangular sofa is also symmetrical but has two symmetrical sides with two long main sofas and the two side are the single sofa side. This arrangement is for living room villas, large townhouses because of the comfortable area and need a lot of sofa to use. This is also avery popular office sofa arrangement.
7. Fixed, scattered sofa
arrangement In addition to the above arrangements, homeowners, if there is space in each corner, you can also apply scattered sofa arrangement with corner rooms to use abeautiful sofaconveniently in each copper area. while helping the space in the middle be more spacious.


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