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Instructions for using safe hand grinders

The grinder is one of the most dangerous mechanical tools in every industry. Understanding that, today, Makita Agent instructs the user to use the safe and proper hand grinders to readers.
Below is a guide to using a hand-held grinding machine in more detail. At the same time we will send you the dangers to know when using the device.

1. Principle of using a safe hand-held grinding machine
Before using the grinder, users should ensure the following safety principles:
Labor protection : This is one of the things that users often do not pay attention to. Using labor protection will minimize iron and dust, causing insecurity during implementation.
Electricity: Electricity is one of the pranks when using hand tools using electricity.
Working environment: Ensuring adequate lighting conditions.
Special attention when using the grinding machine, the user must always be mentally alert to be able to cope with unfortunate circumstances. Depending on the purpose of use, users can use different hand grinders.

2. Technical instructions and precautions when using hand grinders
Depending on the purpose of use, users can use different hand grinders.
For hand-held grinding machines used for cutting, it should be placed perpendicular to the plane. Need to cut and drag in the direction from the outside.
For hand-held grinding machines, it is necessary to set the angle of 30-35 degrees to the plane. Need to help improve grinding efficiency and avoid the dirt when grinding shot on the face dangerous.
Note when using the grinder
In addition, users need to note the following issues to be able to use the grinder safely and effectively.
Use genuine grinding machine, quality and safety is absolute. You can refer to quality grinders like Makita .
Only use the machine for the intended purpose.
When operating a hand-held grinding machine, pay special attention to the angle of grinding described above.
When performing grinding, you need to check the safety of the machine before making.
The posture when using a hand-held grinding machine must be firm to prevent the machine from bouncing.
When using a grinder without holding the blade to avoid the case of injury, extremely dangerous.
Regular cleaning kits
Do not operate the grinder in an unsafe place. Especially in flammable areas, near liquids or in poor weather conditions.
Only use blades that are suitable for the grinder you are using.

3. Instructions to turn on / off the device
Before plugging in the grinder, always check that the slide switch is operating properly and return to the «OFF» position.
To start the machine, the user should slide the switch to the position «I» (ON).
When operating continuously, push on the front of the slide switch to lock it.
To stop the grinder, press the back of the slide switch, then slide it to the «O» position (OFF).
This will be the basic rule when dismantling hand-held grinders that everyone should know!


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