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How to apply a mineral mud mask properly

In the process of talking with customers, we realized that most customers do not know how to apply mineral mud properly and let them take full effect. If used incorrectly the mask does not seem to work as expected. So today, you follow this article to know how to make a mask with a stylish standard.
Mud mask — effective friend quickly regains skin for women
Some cases when you use the mud mask in the wrong way:
What can be most noticeable when you use it the wrong way is that the mud mask effect cannot fulfill its role. There are many cases that the majority of users encounter such as:
— Applying a mineral mud mask that is too thick or too thin. Both cases are not good for the face.
— When applying a mask that is too thick, making the pores covered and the dirt can go back deep inside the skin, the skin cannot breathe, the face skin will not be ventilated and clean.
— When the mask is too thin, the nutrients in the mineral mud will not be enough to meet the skin, when the amount of nutrients is not enough for the skin, the mask becomes wasteful and has no effect.
Apply mask at the right time. There are many ways of thinking that masking as long as possible for the skin, but that is wrong. Each type of mask has a different reasonable time and the golden time when using the mud mask is 10 to 15 minutes.
Before applying mud mask to your skin, you need to clean and clean skin first. So that the nutrients can go deep inside the skin easily.
Apply an appropriate amount on the face, and apply enough mineral mud to cover the skin below and especially in areas with acne and heavy oil to apply a thick layer.
Relax for 10-15 minutes until the mud dries and the final step is to wash your face again with clean water. For best facial care, use mineral mud 2-3 times a week. Do not overdo it, causing itching and irritation.
What is the use of mud mask?
Delivers a smooth feeling, a glossy skin tightening in addition to the clean feeling that seems like the dirt on the face every day has been gently and gently treated by mineral mud mask.
The skin will be smooth, clean and shiny. Regular mud mask on the skin, the skin experiences the feeling really like and looks so beautiful!
Moreover, the mud mask plays a very good role in controlling the amount of oil on the face. Regulating well and not causing dryness, acne is also an enemy of mud masks.
Where to buy mud mask is good?
It is not difficult to buy a mud mask. YHL mineral mud mask is a best seller and very good on the market. Reputable address and origin product.
Do not be too worried about the skin, because YHL has been with you. Products are imported according to regulations and have clear norms.
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