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Spa at home with Himalaya bath salts

You can fully enjoy the feeling of relaxing standard spa with% 3ḅc soaking bath with Himalayan salt. This is considered the most pure 3% salt in the world, containing many beneficial minerals for health.
Himalayan rock salt crystal is considered a valuable gift from nature, they were formed more than 250 million years ago. The composition of Himalaya rock salt contains elements and essential nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium that are easily absorbed into the skin. Soaking in a tub with Himalayan salt is a great way to relax, restore the body, and beautify.
Soak in a bath with Himalayan bath salts will help moisturize the skin, clean and replenish minerals for the body, giving us a soft, smooth skin. This soak bath is also suitable for people who have skin irritation such as psoriasis or dermatitis. In addition, soaking Himalaya salt bath also helps blood circulation evenly, rejuvenates the skin, helps disinfect and exfoliate, purify the body …
In particular, for those who experience premenstrual symptoms, regular soaking with Hymalaya bath salts also helps relax the mind, prevent hot flashes, cramps or accumulate water in the body …
How to soak a bath with Himalaya salt at the right spa standard?
To soak at home with Himalaya salt exactly as in the spa, helping nutrients absorb maximum into the body you should note:
Firstly, it is advisable to mix bath salts at a temperature of 30-36 degrees Celsius, this is the most ideal temperature to perform a bath soaking at home. When you relax with just enough warm water, your body will relax completely, thereby bringing a more relaxed and refreshing feeling. Conversely, if the temperature of the water is too hot, it will not only harm the skin but also cause the minerals in the bath salts to be destroyed.
Each bath, you should put about ½ to ¾ cup of Himalaya salt in the bath, can combine your favorite essential oils. Note, to avoid reducing the effectiveness of salts and essential oils that evaporate too quickly, start putting them in the bath after draining enough appropriate water.
Finally, after showering, rinse your body with cool water, so wash through 1 time and absolutely do not use other types of soap or shower gel. And let the body rest, completely relax about 30 minutes after the bath to help nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin and body as effectively as possible.
One more thing that we need to keep in mind is because Himalaya mineral salts are detox, so when bathing, you need to make sure to provide enough water for the body. So, don’t forget to drink 1 cup of water before and after bathing. For a truly relaxing feel like enjoying at a high-end spa, add a little bit of your favorite essential oil to the bath water.
You can refer to the effective way of taking a bath with Himalayan salt introduced Beauty column right below:
Pat body with Himalayan bath salts and lavender essential oil:
To do this, you need to prepare a cup of Himalayan bath salts (which can be purchased at salt stone stores in the market) with cùng cup crushed dried buds and a few drops of Lavender essential oil. Then follow these 3 steps:
— First put the bath salts in a large bowl and then dry roses.
— After mixing these 2 mixes, you add laverder flower essential oil (can be replaced with another essential oil depending on each person’s preferences).
— Mix the mixture again to make these 3 ingredients blend together, then put the mixture in a clean glass jar and close the lid for use. Note store in cool places to avoid the case of Himalayan rock salt water flow. You use this salt mixed with warm water to bathe daily, mineral salts and aroma of essential oils not only bring a sense of relaxation, comfort, clean skin gently but also support the treatment of a number of ailments about the skin.
Just spend a little time, and you have the right health care and skin care standard at home spa with Himalayan rock salt. I wish you success and good health!


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