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Experience in choosing cafe decoration lights

Coffee shops are a type of business that usually serve hot drinks (mostly coffee) along with light snacks. To give the restaurant a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, choosing decorative lighting is an important part.
Proper lighting design will help attract customers, stimulate appetite and create a comfortable mood for them. Please refer to the following cafe lighting decoration for more ideas for your cafe.
Important lighting techniques for cafes
Ambient lighting
This is the most essential form of decorating the cafe’s lights. The best way to describe ambient light is to compare it with makeup foundation.
Just like you need a stable foundation foundation for your makeup, ambient lighting is a basic foundation for other light layers.
It consists of rows of stable LED lights that are arranged at even intervals to ensure the same light spread, which is an important part of the interior design of cafes because creating a natural environment can be more emphasis thanks to interference from other lights.
It also makes the overall design more friendly and hospitable, which is always a necessary advantage for cafes.
Focus lighting (accent lighting)
If ambient light (ambient lighting) is the basis, the accent lighting for the cafe can be compared to creating contours in makeup.
Just as you highlight and emphasize your makeup with the right lines, you can display the best parts of your cafe’s interior with the spotlight.
In the decoration of cafe lights, this type of light is used to highlight the interior of the interior. You can place them above the snack bar to highlight the artworks on display in the glass case.
Used for decoration
Decorative lighting is metaphorically as an adornment for the interior of your cafe. This type of light is installed to complement the interior’s style rather than create an atmosphere.
The cafe décor lighting is done using unique lamps such as chandeliers and pendant lights, which can complement the cafe’s interior theme.
This type of light should not be used alone because each lamp has a limited halo, which can create many black spots in the interior. This may also include special techniques such as cove light, art laser lighting, etc.
Natural light
The light from this cafe decor lamp is most helpful for the layout of the cafe. Arranging tables and chairs too close can make the interior space look limited.
With natural light, it can imbue the lightness of the cafe space. This is why the famous French cafes often arrange seats on the sidewalk.
Interior space of the cafe can get natural light through large windows or skylights.
How to choose a cafe decoration lamp
What makes a customer leave the cafe will want to return is the unique feeling thanks to the new atmosphere, created by the interior, decoration and service quality of the restaurant.
The above things can be mixed together by the lights decorating the cafe and the music is interesting, eye-catching, creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers to come to the shop.
Therefore, even if furniture and decorations will bring challenges to the budget, lighting devices will be the pieces that bring them together, increasing sales for the shop.
When selecting the most suitable cafe decoration lamp, you must keep in mind all the other decorative elements but mostly the type of cafe.
You have to decide what kind of cafe you own, such as a book cafe, cafe lounge, garden cafe, etc. Another option is to create a reading corner in a normal cafe to meet the needs. The needs of different types of customers.
Choose a lounge-bar decor lamp
Lounge is a combination of cafe and bar, often with cool air, relaxation, discreet music, unobtrusive. In harmony with the music, you should decorate lights that have the same idea and feel.
Therefore, lounge-style cafe-style lamps often do not emit a lot of light so as not to disturb the customer’s vision. Besides, the intimate atmosphere is brought out by diffused light and discreet music.
When it comes to mixing furniture with lighting, it is necessary to choose the right lamp for each type of furniture. For sofas, benches or armchairs, you can choose a pendant light with diffused and diffused light.
In accordance with the style of the cafe, the pendant lamp can be hung on a metal or wooden structure with non-see-through lampshades, preferably made of paper, cotton or even crystal clear. some cases.
Another option is desk lamp. You can place a table lamp between sofas, armchairs and benches or even place discreetly on a corner of a table or bar.
Choose a bookshop decoration lamp
Some types of cafes tend to combine the taste of good coffee with reading a book.
For these spaces, you have to pay more attention when choosing the lights, providing customers with the right light for reading.
Sofas, armchairs, benches or even coffee tables with regular chairs around can also fit into a cafe dedicated to the readers.


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