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Experience choosing sunbathing chair

Experience buying sun loungers, pool chairs, when to use iron frame, aluminum frame or stainless steel? When should we use imported wire? How to distinguish luxury goods and cheap goods?
When to use sun loungers, pool chairs?
For hotels, resorts, yachts of 3 stars or more, the demand for sun loungers is almost mandatory, not only is it a place for guests to relax, let their soul into the sky, it is also a great place to check-in, create great viral effects for you on social networks. With GYM and Spa 5-star rooms, the addition of a relaxing pool chair will create a great highlight for your project.
What Materials To Use For Sunbathing Chair
Materials used as sun loungers include frames and strings. Metal frames include: black iron, galvanized iron, aluminum and stainless steel, in some cases wooden frames can be used. Regarding wire material: Hanoi Plastic Rattan uses only two types of Vietnam wire type 1, with UV-resistant additives accompanied with quality certificates, and the second type is wire imported from REHAU Indonesia — Wire manufacturer No. 1 plastic in the world. Some places use self-running plastic wires, flexible wires are not qualified to reduce costs. For high-end products, you should ask the manufacturer to provide a quality certificate for the type of cord used (a very important factor to product durability).
To determine the materials to be used, you need to be clear about two issues:
Product segment: High-end or general?
Where to use: On land or underwater, inland areas or near the sea?
With high-class products inland and far from the sea, the aluminum frame using VN wire type 1 is a reasonable choice.
With 5-star hotels, resorts, yachts at sea, using aluminum frames, 304 stainless steel and imported wire will ensure you product durability for at least 3-5 years. Also with aluminum or stainless steel frame you will only need to knit the wire when broken without having to change the frame. But the important factor you need to make a clear contract with the supplier, ensuring they will have to knit for you even after the warranty (for a fee). Some irresponsible vendors will deny responsibility when the warranty is over.
For common products, galvanized iron frame using VN wire type 1 is a reasonable choice, if the project is near the sea, you must ask the supplier to strengthen the frame to limit rust (requires experience. and competencies from suppliers)
With products placed under water, you have 2 options: Use composite seats or stainless steel frame
Distinguishing Product Quality
It will not be easy for you to know the quality of the product if you are not a professional. But there are several ways you can evaluate
Product weight: Low quality products always use thin, light materials, for example the same iron frame, cheap goods will be lighter than quality products from 2-5kg.
Wire material: An extremely important factor affecting product quality, because plastic wires are subjected to almost all negative impacts from the environment such as sunshine, rain, corrosive substances … so plastic wires are always materials. The first-time suppliers use self-running wires, doped, no additives, formulas … to minimize costs. You should ask the supplier to supply the sample cord, the accompanying quality certificate, and a commitment to the correct use of that material.
Welds, knitting wire: Should you check that the weld has 4 sides? Are the knitting strings sure, both hands?
Packing, shipping: This product is very bulky in particular, requiring professional manufacturers to pack carefully, minimize damage in transit.
Price: Although not a decisive factor, but in most cases if your quantity is below 50 products and the unit price is below 2 million, you should not expect to receive a high quality product. .
The last thing: Choose a professional product supplier, with a warranty, long-term after-sales.
Extend Product Life
With sunny areas such as beaches, yachts … you should buy more umbrellas , costs do not increase much but can extend product life by 3-5 years.
The use of good quality fabric cushions is also a great way to increase the life of outdoor pool seats.


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