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Instructions to wear a medical mask properly

In recent times, medical masks are among the hottest, most searched products. The outbreak of acute pneumonia caused by Covid -19 virus has become a focus of concern, especially in the current alarming situation.With practical uses, medical masks are used extensively in health facilities, providing for doctors, nurses, … especially for people doing professional jobs such as forensic examination, surgery. anatomy.

Why wear medical masks properly
Wearing a respirator correctly can prevent more dangerous bacteria, dirt or viruses from causing illness. With the complex epidemic situation around the world, the implementation of wearing a medical mask will help you limit the risk of infection.
So we need to wear masks to protect our health, find out right in the article below.
Medical masks are very popular products and are used by many people today. It is considered a type of protective mask used to cover the nose and mouth area. Medical masks are usually made from two main materials, cloth and nonwoven.
The correct wearing of medical masks will also contribute to promote better effects, protect the wearer from being exposed to dust, bacteria or even diseases through the respiratory tract.
For face masks to work best, wearing a medical mask properly is important.

Many people today still use masks daily without even knowing that they carry the wrong way, not promoting the full effect of prevention. For the best prevention, people should wear a mask properly as follows:

Wearing the blue face (with color) out, the white side on (Because the blue side is manufactured with impermeable properties, the white side has hygroscopic properties, which makes it easier to breathe when wearing masks and better protection .)
Hold the mask only because the bacteria may have gotten on the outer surface. Therefore, when using, you only use your hand to hold the string.
Wash your hands often before wearing and after removing the mask
Use only 1 time, after use you need to throw in the trash with a lid to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses.
Covering the nose and chin, clasping the steel frame close to the bridge of the nose.
That way, you know how to wear a mask properly, protect your health as well as everyone else.


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